My animal of the week this is week is the Wallaby!!!

The wallaby is a medium sized mammal, closely related to the kangaroo who is bigger than the wallaby. 

Wallabies are herbivores ( eats plants only.) Their diet consists of a wide range of grasses, vegtables and leaves.  Wallabies cover vast distances for food and water, which is often scarce in their environment.

They have powerful hind legs for jumping and fighting and a sturdy tail for balance. Wallabies are widely distributed across Australia, particularly in more remote, heavily timbered, or rugged areas, and are also found in the island of New Guinia.

A wallaby can leap 4 feet in the air but can not climb trees. On hot days they spend most of their time in the shade and on cooler days they spend their time eating.  Wallabies communicate a warning to others by thumping once or twice on the ground with their feet. Female wallabies produce two different kinds of milk at the same time, one for her baby and another, richer blend, for her older offspring.

They live for 7 years in the wild and 14-20 in captivity.

 TTFN, Lily 🙂